View our portfolio of work on some of the UKs finest VW’s. From beetle and Baywindow, Splitscreen to Karmann Ghia.

Looking for inspiration, or just like to see what we do? Browse amongst our past work and if there’s something you like just get in touch and we will be happy to help you on your own project.

Limebug 49

limebug’s 49 beetle build is an idea dreamt up and brought to reality by of some of the UK’s finest tradesmen. Having the chance to work on such a car was a real honour,  I actually wired the car twice due to me not being happy with the initial finish on the loom.  The end […]

Simons air ride type 1

One of EVA restorations stunning creations. Max called on me last minute to lend a hand with completing the wiring on Simon’s awesome type 1. With the car due in at Volksworld 2018 I got straight to work on it, after amending the already bought loom to suit my style. The result is one of […]

Paul’s Barndoor

Paul’s Barndoor has all the right ingredients. Irv’s restoration, Spikes, Airteriors and Bromsgrove auto trimmers. It’s one super clean bus with a twist. I built and installed a simple modern blade fuse loom for it which gives overall protection without losing its original charm of simplicity.

Lyndon’s 64 Fubar

Lyndon’s 64 build has to be seen to be believed, the level of modification and detail is far above what I think most people had seen before and its a real testament to Lyndon’s vision and determination. Quite simply it is a stunning Beetle. In the grand scale of things my input was small but […]

1969 Type 2 for M & W

Asked by mark to supply and fit a new loom to this modified early bay. New bespoke loom with blade fuse board, incorporating leisure, tacho, oil temp and pressure gauges. Along with this the fireboy suppression system was wired through the fuel cutoff solenoid and the fuel pump ran through a safety relay.

Ned’s Canada Dry splitty

Visited the Hayburner HQ to sort out the tail and interior lights on Ned's splitty. A few bodges removed and some new terminals and the tail lights were behaving. After repairing some damaged cable to the interior lights and a good clean up of the fittings the bus had interior lights for the first time in Ned's ownership.

Steve’s 1966 deluxe

I was called upon by Steve to work on his 1966 deluxe resto. I installed a new loom, splitcharge with leisure circuits and a few auxiliary items. Winner of class at camperjam 2015 this splitty has been lavished with care and attention to detail with quite literally nothing left to chance. Most of the restoration work was completed by Vanimal and Steve himself. The list of quality bits on this build is exhaustive and a real credit to Steve's vision.

Slambassador Rod

This rod built by Denis of Slambassador fame truly is a one off build. Extended floorpan and some fine welding and fabrication throughout make this one seriously rigid bug. As per the general theme Denis wanted the bare minimum of wires and fuss, so that is what he got when i made the bespoke loom. No original switch gear was wanted, I was given three toggle switches and a cut off switch to complete the build with! I knew there was no point in arguing...

2 x 1966 deluxe buses

Craig asked me to give both his 66 buses a check up, both really good resto's

1966 15 window leisure install

Another "Airteriors" creation that Nick asked me to work on. Leisure install consisting of remote TV lifter, head unit and amp, sliding drawer cool box, zig unit, whale tap and 240 hook up. once again another stunning Airteriors bus.

Dale’s 1971 Westy

Fitting the Sargent unit in Dale's bus and connecting everything up has taken 2 visits so far. It's not that there is tons of work but doing it the way he likes takes a little extra time and with Dale wanting the least amount of alterations to his westy interior and the least amount of hassle in case a unit has to be lifted out, every decision takes a brew, a lot of forward thinking and a bout of brainstorming. And why not? This resto is by far the cleanest example I've ever worked on.

Adam’s 1967 Kombi

I first worked on this bus at VW SUNSHINE, asked by the new owners to convert to Uk tail lights and up to MOT standard. It was pretty solid and a good base for the plans Adam had in mind. A couple of months later i was called by Adam to call over to Wales to fit it out with a split charge and leisure set up along with a scorpion remote alarm. It now resides in Portugal after Adam and his family uprooted and moved there in it. Hopefully the new climate will see it roadworthy for many years to come.

Nick’s 1970 single cab

Nick@s "Airteriors" logo'd single cab is a true survivor, solid and original. I have sorted a few issues out on this a few times along with fitting tow bar electrics. This bus is definitely on my list for a rewire as soon as i can talk Nick into it!!!

Roger’s 1968 early bay

One of the first Uk buses to get the "French slammer" treatment from Midland early bay, Roger's bus you either love it or hate it. I for one love it. Sorted a few issues out on this bus over a couple of visits and its great to see how its progressing..It's not for everyone but somehow i feel Roger quite likes that!

Craig’s 1966 splitscreen

Craig spent a couple of years on this resto and originally i was called in for a rewire, it soon became apparent Craig had bigger ideas. A starlight twinkling headliner using remote controlled light engines and over a thousand fibre optics, a self built TV lifter that i was required to make remote control, down-light LED's and leisure system with invertor. Add to this 4 way speaker set up and head-unit tidily tucked away in the centre console between the Porsche tombstones . It turns out it's the perfect wedding bus for his business.

Paul’s Splitscreen and trailer combo

Paul got me in to give this really tidy splitscreen the once over and to also wire up his tow bar and trailer electrics.

Buzz splitscreen for border resto

I rewired this bus for Border Restoration. Super clean resto

Valley electric early bay

Graham from Midland early bay had me give this lovely import early bay a connect and check up

Morcambe and wize rewires

A selection of type 2's i completed for Mark at Morecambe and wize. All rewired along with head units and split charge.

Nick’s 57 Smokey bear split

Nick wanted extra brake lights wiring up for greater visibility along with a cyclops and spotlights upfront. A real brute of a bus steeped in history and surprising off road abilities,

Al’s 1969 Karmann Ghia

Al was up for selling his Ghia and needed everything working as it should. I like to think i had something to do with it as he fell in love with it again and decided to keep it.

Chris’s 64 Karmann Ghia

Chris owned this car for a while before deciding on a resto. The wiring was pretty good so other than replacing what was needed and upgrading to a blade fusebox it was just tidying up along with Wiring the MSD, Head unit, Amp and sub. This Ghia is low but not slow!

Jamie’s 1961Convertable Karmann ghia

Jamie asked me to give his Ghia's wiring a tidy up. I went a little further than normal but the car really warranted it and both Jamie and i was pleased with the outcome.

1967 Karmann ghia

A really nice tidy Ghia. called in to check over circuits and give a tidy up

Adam’s 66 notchback

Adam has been trying for a couple of years to get this car on the road, after a couple of failed attempts at a satisfactory resto, the job was given to Ste kay customs. Adam had long since sourced a loom and i was called upon to jump in and get it wired. At present the car is awaiting a monster engine build, but will surface in 2016 for sure.

H’s Trike build

This trike had sat neglected in a lock up for a long time then H decided it was time to sort it out once more. after purchasing a buggy loom and attempting the job he decided against it, which is where i came in. Lots of lights, electronic speedo and gauge display were wired in and the beast lived once more. Im still due to visit it once again to add some led strips for added bling..

Tony’s 61 split panel van

i first saw Tony's panel during a fault finding job but it soon became apparent that a full rewire was needed. After sourcing the loom i spent two freezing nights in a friends barn rewiring it. It's one of my favorite buses and have since kitted it out with a cat 1 alarm.

City Laundry bus

Was asked by Nick @ Airteriors to come and do a split charge and leisure wiring on this award winning creation of his. Also fitted a cat 1 alarm and cyclops light. Cheers to Nick for use of a couple of pics.

Karmann convertable

A call from Andy Pierce to fathom out this US imported loom fit on this cab. lhd loom on a rhd car routed up the right hand side.. No heroics here just a connect up. Shame as it could of looked very sweet.

1971 beetle sort and connect

A tidy and full connect up for this clean resto

Robins 55 splitscreen rewire

Robin's 55 was freshly painted and a cloth braided loom sourced for the rewire. My earliest bug to date and a real joy to work on. This cars history is vast and Robin knows most of it to date and i suspect always will.

Davyd’s buggy build

Asked originally to do a tidy up of the original messy loom, Davyd later decided to have me make a new bespoke loom. With the battery re located upfront and the loom running along internally through the shell which left the floorpan free of cables and connections.

Mark’s country buggy

Mark brought me in to go over the wiring on his very special import. Designed by Volkswagen Australasia Ltd in 1967, this country buggy or type 197 was a real cute car and great to get to grips with this mixed bag of vw parts and styles.

Andy’s rad ratrod part rewire

Andy's rat rod had previously been part wired and i was given the task of finishing the job on this 2015 bug jam winner. by far the raddest car Ive had the pleasure of working on. The one off bits just keep coming with this and the dash with an Austin clock pod look like they have always been there.

Pete silva’s 1302 tidy up

A good sort out and part rewire of petes 1302

Mark’s full resto beetle

Mark's full resto was super clean and perfect for a new loom and cat 1 alarm install

Craigs full resto

Full rewire on Craig's resto with Retro sound headunit install

Mikes 74 bug on fuch’s

Mike's 74 was up for a full check up and quick tidy

Alex’s Air ride beetle

Alex's Bug project was in need of a few circuits sorting and a good tidy up..excellent lows

Kev’s 73 air ride

Kev's 73 bug was pretty close to completion and just needed a few circuits sorting