Type 3

Al’s 1969 Karmann Ghia

Al was up for selling his Ghia and needed everything working as it should. I like to think i had something to do with it as he fell in love with it again and decided to keep it.

Chris’s 64 Karmann Ghia

Chris owned this car for a while before deciding on a resto. The wiring was pretty good so other than replacing what was needed and upgrading to a blade fusebox it was just tidying up along with Wiring the MSD, Head unit, Amp and sub. This Ghia is low but not slow!

Jamie’s 1961Convertable Karmann ghia

Jamie asked me to give his Ghia's wiring a tidy up. I went a little further than normal but the car really warranted it and both Jamie and i was pleased with the outcome.

1967 Karmann ghia

A really nice tidy Ghia. called in to check over circuits and give a tidy up

Adam’s 66 notchback

Adam has been trying for a couple of years to get this car on the road, after a couple of failed attempts at a satisfactory resto, the job was given to Ste kay customs. Adam had long since sourced a loom and i was called upon to jump in and get it wired. At present the car is awaiting a monster engine build, but will surface in 2016 for sure.